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𝐒𝐚𝐥𝐞𝐬𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐜𝐞 𝐃𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐥𝐨𝐩𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭 course assumes no previous experience, and takes you from the absolute beginner concepts like creating your developer’s account, writing you very first Apex program, and then goes into more detail as we explore the entire Apex feature set.

Benefits from Salesforce Development Training:

  1. Certification guidance will be provided.
  2. Will provide class recordings as well [ Note: Validity upto 2 months from the course completion].
  3. Will be preparing for Interviews & help you on getting job opportunities.
  4. No need any prerequisite coding skills
  5. We will teach coding from base level to Advance Level
  6. Real-time based training with more scenario explanations.

Course content:

  1. APEX Introduction
  2. APEX Classes and Triggers
  3. Apex Development Process
  4. Apex Development tools
  5. Using IDE and Developer Console
  6. Apex Governor Limits
  1. Overview of Apex Data Types
  2. Primitive Data Types
  3. sObject Data Types
  4. Enum Data Types
  5. Collections Data Types
  6. Apex Operators
  7. Apex Control Statements
  8. Executing Apex Programs
  1. Apex Classes
  2. Access Modifiers
  3. Apex Class Constructors
  4. Apex Class Variables and Methods
  5. Inheritance, Sharing, and Interface
  6. This’ keyword
  7. Accessing Apex Class
  8. System Classes and Methods
  1. Standard Object and Field API Names
  2. Relationships in Apex
  3. SOQL Function, SOQL Bindings and SOQL For Loops
  4. Processing SOQL Query Output
  5. Dynamic Query Creation
  6. Relationship Query and its Types
  7. SOSL Query and its Implementation
  8. SOQL vs SOSL Inner Queries
  1. Data Manipulation Language
  2. Loops in DML
  3. Database.DML Options
  4. Transaction Control
  5. Ways to invoke DML Operations
  6. Invoking DML Operations
  7. Handling DML Errors
  1. Apex Triggers and its Types
  2. The Save order of Execution
  3. Trigger Syntax and Events
  4. Trigger Context Variables
  5. Recursion in Triggers
  6. Bulk Field Triggers
  7. Trigger Helper Class Pattern
  8. Lifecycle of Apex Transaction
  9. Memory Cycle for Static Apex Variables
  • Exceptions
  • Exception Statements
  • System-Defined Exception
  • Exception Methods
  • Catching Different Exception Types
  • Custom or User-Defined Exception Handling
  • Debugging Using Debug Logs
  • Anonymous Blocks – Another Debugging Tool
  • Annotation
  • Different type of Annotation
  • Uses of each annotation
  • Batch Apex
  • Schedule Apex
  • Queueable
  1. Apex Testing Framework
  2. Write and run Apex Tests
  3. Create Tests data
  4. Running Test Units
  5. Developer Console
  6. IDE
  7. Testing Best Practices
  8. Batch Testing
  9. Efficient test code for DML and Query
  10. Code Coverage
  1. Introduction to Visualforce
  2. Creating Visualforce Page
  3. Launch Visualforce Page using Custom Button
  4. Fetching Records in a Visualforce Page
  1. Controller Architecture
  2. Controller Methods
  3. Visualforce Controllers
  4. Standard Controllers
  5. Custom Controllers
  6. Page References
  7. Action Methods, Getters, Setters and Properties
  1. Introduction
  2. Different type of API’s
  3. What is XML
  4. What is JSON
  5. SOAP Integration
  6. Rest Integration
  7. What is OAuth
  8. Client ID& Client Secret
  1. Introduction to Lightning Experience
  2. Lightning Component Framework
  3. Lightning component across Salesforce Ecosystem
  4. Benefits of Using Lightning Component Framework
  5. Introduction to Aura framework
  6. Why should go for Salesforce Lightning
  7. Out-Of-The-Box Components
  1. Different Types of Lightning Component Interfaces
  2. Advantages of each Interface
  1. Steps for creating Lightning Application
  2. Application
  3. Controller
  4. Helper
  5. Style
  6. Documentation
  7. Renderer
  8. SVG
  9. Adding of SVG resource to Component Bundle
  10. Adding Lightning Component to application
  1. Lightning Inspector
  2. Installing Lightning Inspector Extension
  3. Enabling of Debug mode in Lightning Components
  1. Adding of lightning components to custom tab (lightning tab)
  2. Adding of lightning page to custom tab (lightning page tab)
  3. Adding of lightning components to app launcher
  1. Steps of calling server side controller in Lightning Component
  2. Apex Controller & method Structure
  1. Steps of calling server side controller in Lightning Component
  2. Apex Controller & method Structure
  1. What is Event?
  2. Component Event
  3. Application Event
  4. Creating Custom Component& Application Event
  5. Registering an Event
  6. Handling Component Event
  1. Get Started with Lightning Data Service
  2. Manipulate Records (lightning page tab)
  3. Handle Record Changes and Errors
  1. Introduction Lightning Out
  2. Lightning Out in action
  3. Building script for Lighting out
  4. Adding Visualforce page into Lightning Component
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We have limited participants or only one participant in a live Salesforce Development Online Training session to maintain the quality standards. Se we provide demonstration session before enrollment. without attending demonstration learner couldn’t able to clear his technical doubts about his desired technology. So we always recommend a learner to attend a demonstration with the Instructor who will deliver Salesforce Development Online Training

All the instructors at SV Tech Soft are experts from the industry with minimum 9-12 years of relevant IT experience. They are subject matter experts for providing an awesome learning experience for Salesforce Development Online Training.

Yes you will get Salesforce Development Training videos during Salesforce Online Training. and it is compulsory to work at home to enhance real time scenarios. And yes instructor will provide Salesforce  Development Online Training study material during training tenure.

Yes you will get a Course completion training certificate from SV Tech Soft ,and Instructor will assist you to prepare workday certification.

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