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SV Tech Soft provides the best and industry oriented salesforce field service lightning training to gain skills in order to build your professional career. Our course curriculum covers all the concepts to gain real-time proficiency in salesforce field service lightning core fundamentals, learn how to provide intelligent, productive, and personalized service from phone to field with Field Service Lightning, etc. Moreover the comprehensive training helps to gain expertise in this field so as to accomplish your daily tasks for ease. Our expert trainers deliver the lecturers in a more practical way so as to gain realistic experience. Get industry-oriented salesforce field service lightning training courses from certified mentors by joining SV Tech Soft.

Benefits from Salesforce FSL Training:

  1. Certification guidance will be provided.
  2. Will provide class recordings as well [ Note: Validity upto 2 months from the course completion].
  3. Will be preparing for Interviews & help you on getting job opportunities.

Course content:

1. Introduction to Field Service

  • How FSL is connected to other clouds
  • Key Features of FSL
  • Why FSL

2. Service Cloud

  • Case management and why we need work orders

3. FSL from Admin perspective

4. Different personas in FSL

5. Install and Setup Field Service

  • Setup Dev org with managed package
  • Initial setup after installing package

6. PDF with detailed steps as home work

  • PDF with detailed step for setting up the org will be shared
  • Security settings of objects
  • Page layouts of field service objects

1. Pricing

  • Different pricing from Salesforce
  • When to use what?

2. Permission Set Differentiation.

3. Understanding Object Structure

  • How Field service is connected to Sales and Service cloud

4. Creating Users

5. Service Resources

6. Service Resources in Gantt

7. Time zone management

8. Resources and availability

9. Overtime and operating hours

1. Scheduling logic

  • Work Rules
  • Service Objectives

2. Scheduling Policies

  • TIME DIMENSIONS: Due Date, Earliest Start Time, Arrival Window

3. Rule violations

4. Service Report

  • Objects having service reports
  • Layout of service reports

5. Scheduling Recipes

6. Enhanced Optimization

7. Drip, batch and bulk Scheduling

8. Shift and capacity based availability

1. Sharing

  • Sharing model of field service
  • Which sharing matters to which object

2. User Territory

  • Junction object User territory and its advantages

3. Service Contracts

4. Timesheets

5. Mobile Field Service (Offline mode and Sync – Priming)

  • Field Service Mobile Settings
  •  Branding

6. Mobile branding and customizations

  • Customizations related to geo location and priming in application

1. FSL inventory (products)

  • Location and Product objects
  • Product requests
  • Product Order
  • Return Order

2. Scheduling recipes

3. Predictive Travel/Maps (SLR)

  • SLR
  • Predictive Travel
  • Point to Point Travel

4. Map Polygon

5. Health Check Tool

6. Apex in FSL(continued in day 8 as well)


7. Dedicated Technicians

  • Apex in FSL
  • Working with JSON generated by CLICK
  • CLICK Access
  • Einstein in FSL
  • IoT with FSL
  • Optimization issues & Troubleshooting approach
  • Resource availability
  • Trigger Issues Troubleshooting
  • APEX CPU Limits
  • Designated Work
  • Overtime and Off Working Hours
  • Gantt Issues
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We have limited participants or only one participant in a live Salesforce FSL  Online Training session to maintain the quality standards. Se we provide demonstration session before enrollment. without attending demonstration learner couldn’t able to clear his technical doubts about his desired technology. So we always recommend a learner to attend a demonstration with the Instructor who will deliver Salesforce FSL Online Training

All the instructors at SV Tech Soft are experts from the industry with minimum 9-12 years of relevant IT experience. They are subject matter experts for providing an awesome learning experience for Salesforce FSL Online Training.

Yes you will get Salesforce FSL Training videos during Salesforce FSL Online Training. and it is compulsory to work at home to enhance real time scenarios. And yes instructor will provide Salesforce FSL Online Training study material during training tenure.

Yes you will get a Course completion training certificate from SV Tech Soft ,and Instructor will assist you to prepare workday certification.

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